ism between the factions than whe●n Warwick f

onally hateful to men like Claverhouse, f▓or religious as well as other reasons; so also ▓the massacres at Drogheda, o▓f which more anon.Stern repre▓ssion of the severest kind in such cases was

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●both the law and custom in those d▓ays. The actual outbreak of hostilities was ●preceded by minor outbreaks, which inc▓reased the growing antagonism.● Ships were lent to France and used a▓gainst the Huguenots of Rochelle, and th●e fa


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t.Then the ki●ng or queen or the feudal lord de

ilure of an attempt at Cad●iz increased the irritation; and when the troo▓ps returned from the Contine

cided the me▓asure of slaughter.In the Stuart w

nt, they were not di▓sbanded, as was customary, but● billeted on41 the population, ▓and martial law was introduc●ed during a time of peace.Lastl

ars▓ no s uch order as that of Edward, befo●re

y, the effor●ts of the Star Chamber to raise fres●h loans accorded but little wit●h the English spiri

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